Practical Exam and Robotic Vision

I reached TCC at 8:00 am. I prepared for the presentation on ‘Myreview’. I reported Dr. Rai at 10:00 am and explained about the work I did. He pointed out many pending works need to be done. Also, there was my practical exam of E-Commerce. After that, I got busy in that. After the exam, I listened the Robotic Vision Presentation by Mandeep Singh and Raman. They explained the concepts of vision very well. Dr. Rai assigned me the task to read about Feature Extraction and to give presentation on that on May 30, 2015. I just love to speak. 😉



The whole day I was working on ‘Myreview’. I read about the following today:

1. Zend Framework

2. MySQLi

3. Apache Configuration

4. PHP

Robotic Vision

We have read a lot about robots, what they are and how they make the work easy. We always love to watch movies about robots.  But what if we get a chance to understand the designing and internal working structure of robots. Isn’t it interesting?

Today, there was a presentation by Dr. Rai and Mandeep Singh on Robotic Vision. It was quick guide on the procedure, the robots follow to see the things. Very interesting topic it was! Dr. Rai suggested us to enroll in the course by Peter Corke. This course is registered with the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. I am very impressed with the concept and excited to know more about the robotic vision. So, I decided to participate in this, though only 2 weeks are left for the final submission of assignments.

And also, luckily I met Mr. Vigas, senior member of GD  who helped me to solve the errors in ‘Myreview’. It’s now running on my Laptop. There are some sections which are missing and I will work on these tomorrow.

GD Re-Entry Task

After examinations, without wasting my time I went to Dr. Rai and requested for the GD re-entry task. He assigned me the work  to study about ‘Myreview – The Conference Management System’ and install this on local server to understand the working of this. I installed this and got some error in database while loading files. Hitesh gave me the hint about the missing file. I solved the issue. But it’s still not working. Surfing to find the solution, I think the problem is with the configuration file.