Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi launched Digital India Week

Today is a big day for Indians. We are moving  a step forward towards technically strong and independent nation. Today, we made a history to build our successful future. We are happy to be part of Digital India week. Our hon’ble Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi launched Digital India Week today at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi.  At 4.00 PM the program was started. All respectable ministers, industrialist, investors and reporters were present there to support the vision of Digitally Connected India.

Our PM reached on time and was warmly welcomed by the audience. The anchor introduced him with lines, “Hum Desh ki umeedon ko naye pankh dene wale, hamare adarniye Pradhan Mantri Sahib Sri Narendra Modi ji ka hardik swagat kartein hein. We also welcome all the hon’ble ministers and esteemed dignitaries on the dais, here today on this  revolutionary day.”

Digital India is great vision of our PM. Now, with the launch of Digital India, we are moving towards the era of digitally Samridh Bharat, digitally Sangathit Bharat. On inauguration, Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, respected Minister of Communications and Information Technology, personally welcomed The Indian Prime minister, LK Advani ji – Deputy Prime minster of India, Arun Jaitley – the Minister of Finance and other hon’ble personalities. He said, “Digital India can bridge the gap between what we have and what we don’t have”.

He raised a question, “What is digital india?” and answered as well that it is a self dependent, digitally strong, Samrath, Samridh and Susashit Bharat which is the root of a strongly developed India. This inauguration of Digital India week is the historic victory we have made under the guidance of our great Prime minister Mr. Modi by transforming this all around for the Indian people and private sector within 100 days. We are a great consumer of electronics gadgets, billions of electronic equipments are imported by our Indians, smart phones, connectivity etc.. But the story of Digital India is not about consuming, number of phones or IT enabled services but about IT enabled society.

The vision of Sri Modi- IT + IT = IT

Indian Talent + Information Technology = India Tomorrow

Digital India is more for the underprivileged. This will be a great help in removing corruption, will be politically neutral, party neutral and ideology neutral. Mr. Ravi Shankar added, “On this day, my IT department comes with many projects and these will be launched very soon. This includes many e-commerce services plus BPO policy, e-health policy, e-Scholarship portal, e-portal, e-education and many more. We are not only encouraging ‘Digital India’ but also ‘Make in India’ because India will be incomplete without ‘Make in India’ vision. We are encouraging manufacturing as well as services. We will give access to all the government services through handheld devices. So, here I invite all the big companies to come, invest, make profit, create new jobs and to build a new India”. At the end, he saluted all the social activists who gave new power to India.

After that, hon’ble Mr. Modi launched the DI logo.


Then he launched – “Digital Shubh Arambh – Ab Chintayein door ho jayengi, inder dhanush ke rang k sang”. They launched the following services-

  1. Sanchar Adhaar Bharatnet: For all the villagers, it will be spread in 250,000 Graam Panchayetein and has already been launched in Chandigarh.
  2. BSNL NCNGN: 55 next generation Network has started, 206 NGN in total and 678 will be started in next 2 years.
  3. Wifi: 53 BSNL-Wifi hotspot created, 121 in total, 2500 in coming 2 years.
  4. Utpaad-Locker or E-Locker: To make paper free India. Documents will be stored online, digitally signed and accessed.
  5. E-Scholarship: All scholarships will be available on one platform and it will be beneficial for everyone.
  6. E-Chikitsa/E-Health: You can get complete information about health from here. You can check for blood availability, drugs, health services, ambulance and even can book an appointment.
  7. E-Signature: Digital Sign-“Kahin Bhi Kabhi Bhi”
  8. Digitized India Platform- Digital India ka Pehla Kadam: A special portal for ladies, youth and senior citizens. Youth can get information about jobs from here.
  9. Portal and Apps- Amlikaran ki Jaankaari: Information can be accessed anytime.
  10. Mygov Mobile APP: To connect people with the government.
  11. Swachh Bharat App- Har Jgah Har Taraf
  12. Adhaars- Mobile Update App: For the benefits of all Govt. services, which can be updated in two ways – (i) Assistant Update (ii) Self Update
  13. Anusandhaan: To promote researches
  14. Centre for excellence

So, these were the main services. After that the Digital India Book explaining 9 main goals of Digital India Vision was launched by our Prime Minister. Then Policy Documents- (i) EDF and (ii) E-Governance were launched. This was to make a 20/20 self dependent country and to promote E-services. Open source technology is used for many of the services.

After that, a short movie- “Kesa Hoga Bharat” was shown. In that they explained how India will change with Digital India: queue free, paper free, tension free India. With Digital India, everything will be online i.e on cloud. Government, public, permissions and complaints. Blood pressure of the public will remain normal because no more Jhol Mol. DI will make this system very transparent.

JAM- Jandhan Adhaar and Mobile, a great initiative by our PM was started and DI is also a part of that. With DI, you will be able to get Digital Identity through Adhaar Card, digital connectivity, digital locker, secure e-payment system through PayGov and e-Agro. Government has also started National Digital Literacy Mission to educate people about technology and it’s usage and also moving towards the development in manufacturing field. Govt. has a plan to make India a new electronic manufacturing hub.

 Then PM awarded two ladies for their contribution:

  1. Kiran Kumari From Jharkhand
  2. Tanuja Rai from Chhattisgarh

After that global industrialists, including Mr. Mukesh D Ambani, Mr. Azim Premji, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Mr. Bernhard Gerwert, Mr. Anil Agarwal, Mr. Anil Ambani, Mr. Ping Cheng- CEO Delta Electronics and many more, gave their review on Digital India. .

At the end, Mr. Modi elaborated more about the DI and said-

  • “I dream of a digital India where high speed digital highways unite the nation”.
  • “We need to resolve that we’ll reduce our reliance on imports and protect the world from cyber warfare”
  • “Clouds of a bloodless war (cyber warfare) are looming all over. Indian talent needs to come forward and assure that the world is protected.”
  • “Design in India is as important as Make in India”
  • “I invite startups to come forward and contribute to the nation’s growth. We will offer all possible support”
  • “What stops us from making electronic goods in India? We invite our industry leaders to come forward and start manufacturing”
  • “Technology will play a big role in realising the dream of minimum government, maximum governance”

The whole event was concluded by Mr. R.S. Sharma- Secretary IT Department. He thanked everyone and wished for the success of DI week.