Mission SaveyEgg!

“Amazing day it was, how was your’s mumma?” I asked my mother just after entering my house.

She replied with a pretty smile on her face, “it was good but I’m so tired.” I smiled in return and look at her with love and affection for a while and instantly she got active and served me food, sat beside me and told me about her whole day story. Papa was smiling all the time, no doubt his more focus was on food. Both are love birds in our house, they talk with eyes and express with smiles. 😛 Then suddenly, a monster entered a room and she is none other than my sweet youngest sister, Harneet. But we call her Nona.

“Di, see, we found an egg of a bird today and we’re gonna save its life. Tell me, what should we do?” asked Nona.


I was just amazed to see the nest in her hand, then again suddenly, “Anjali (her friend’s name) made this nest for the baby bird. How beautiful it is. Isn’t it?”, asked Nona.


“Yes, it is”, I answered. “So, how we’re gonna save this bird”, Nona. Now, I just ignored the kids and answered, “I don’t know, it’s never gonna happen. You can not save this now, you can either boil or fry to enjoy the omelette”. “Chiieee! Di, you are so rude. You don’t care for the poor baby inside the egg”, Nona’s reaction. Yes, I don’t. Now go out and don’t disturb me. I finished my meal and entered to my room.

After few hours, “Di, can I have your laptop?”, Nona.

“Yes, you can. I’m not using this today, busy with some other stuff”,  I replied.

She opened the Laptop, connected the internet and got busy with that. About 15 minutes laters, again she asked, “What is an incubator?”

I was like, “hain? What happened to her?” Then she showed all links she opened while surfing Internet and finding ways to save that premature baby on youtube. I was amazed at her, when she said order this incubator, I wanna save that egg. I was literally smiling. I reminded the day , when I and my friends were trying to save the egg of sparrow from a crow, my younger sister Japneet saved a bird and protected that for a week until that become able to fly. And now, the youngest one, Harneet talking about incubators. 😛 Oh my God. I came to know about such devices when she was born and a doctor showed us the baby through the window who was sleeping in some machine. And this baby when grew up is now talking about incubators. Hahaha! I was feeling happy at that moment. Still, I showed some anger and said do what you want but don’t disturb me. I don’t want to attach with this baby stuff and I’m not going to order anything. We will talk about this tomorrow. If mom will give permission then definitely I’ll purchase one for you.

She made a really angry face and said, “Twanu tan koi fark hi ni penda kdi, koi maree bhawen bache”. 😛 Then I tried to explain her, then “Tuc tan chupp hi karr jao”. 😛

So, I simply concentrated on the book I was reading. After 15 minutes, she went to the kitchen, did some activity and came back to me and said, “I found a way to make incubators at home. This is a natural way that will perform just like that machine.” “So you put a pan on the gas?”, I asked. “Yes”, she replied.

For God sake, please go to your bed and sleep. We will do all this stuff tomorrow. Mom will help us. And I will order you a small machine tomorrow. Find a rate list on amazon. Till then we will provide heat through hot pan containing boiled water. We will place a basket on on that then a pillow and then egg. And this that and I was listening to her and finally she said good night with a smile.”

Let’s see what she will do now? And for me, the task is already defined, order that machine. 😛