Party Time

Today I got my first rejection. My application for the LAMP (Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament) fellowship got rejected. Yepeeee! They said try next year. Who knows the future. Even, I myself could be a minister next year. They have no idea what they have missed. šŸ˜› Well! I got a new phone- Coolpad Note 3 Lite. This is like chotta packet bdaa dhamaka. I like this phone.

Now, study time. Read about UML Designs, Domain analysis and application analysis. I attended all my classes today. All were happy to see me there. I’m so lucky because there are so many people who love me so much and were missing me. Wow!

GD Work-

OSM:- Working on OSM designing. I’ll try my best to complete this task in next 24 hours.

Mediawiki:- Database Query Error. Jaan da naam hi ni lai reha.. šŸ˜› Jana tan payega, asi kmm krna hai agge. Kinni k der tang karu, aakhir haar jayega. šŸ˜‰

Aaj k liye bss itna hi. Smachaar Smapat. Namaskaar. Smile Please. šŸ™‚ Bye.


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I am the one who discover myself daily through reading, writing, interacting with people and expressing my thoughts to inspire them if I would be able to bring a little change to the society through my work. I write blogs, participate in various social activities and want to be a Professional Speaker. Currently, I am pursuing my post graduation in Computer Applications from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana and Iā€™m very much active in many technical & social communities.

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