Daily Diary

I don’t want to pay fine. So, reading all the emails on GD mailing list. 24 hours are about to complete and hundreds of emails are pending. šŸ˜›

It was good to hear from Kamalpreet today. She gave her presentation on DXF work. My bad that I didn’t write the report but I can get the glimpse from the Video we created.

Learned a new life lesson from Dr. Rai. Thank you so much for that. I always wanted to be like this flower. If I’ve written anything whether its a poem, article or a story that was always for me and my friends. I never shared those things even with a single extra person. I don’t know from where that credit kind of thing comes and I were seeking for something that I never wanted before. You saved me. I must have sportsman spirit. šŸ™‚ Thank you.

We learn from failure. These are for learning, so from now I’m gonna celebrate my learnings. For every rejection, I will give party* to GD members.

*Conditions Applied.


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I am the one who discover myself daily through reading, writing, interacting with people and expressing my thoughts to inspire them if I would be able to bring a little change to the society through my work. I write blogs, participate in various social activities and want to be a Professional Speaker. Currently, I am pursuing my post graduation in Computer Applications from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana and Iā€™m very much active in many technical & social communities.

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