Why we feel down sometimes?

Why we avoid answering the telephone?

A dark corner of a room becomes our favorite place?

Finding it hard to make any decision? Always Confuse.

Why there is change in appetite?

It becomes harder to smile all the time.

We feel like a dead, emotionally imbalanced?

Usually wake up in the morning feeling exhausted – as if we have had no sleep?

We find it difficult to ‘get going’ and motivate ourself?

Finding it hard to deal even with the simplest things?

Avoiding people and friends?

Easily agitated?

Finding it difficult to concentrate?

Feel tired all the time, starts avoiding particular situations and lose our enthusiasm.

What is the reason behind? Also, we hate people judging us and make us feel ਵਿਚਾਰੀ yn Vichara. Whatever!

Answer: It is just a mood swing. Nothing more than that. So, don’t worry. It’s completely OK. 😛

And yes, don’t even dare to think that you’re depressed. Even that thought will make you actually depressed. Spend your time with happy people and have fun together. If in a mood to stay alone then enjoy that too. 😉 You can read, dance, cry, laugh etc. etc.


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I am the one who discover myself daily through reading, writing, interacting with people and expressing my thoughts to inspire them if I would be able to bring a little change to the society through my work. I write blogs, participate in various social activities and want to be a Professional Speaker. Currently, I am pursuing my post graduation in Computer Applications from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana and I’m very much active in many technical & social communities.

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