Day 26

In the last 25 days, I found that even if I’m learning new, I am unable to share this with anybody else because I’m not doing the things which are expected from me. So, rather than writing diary at the end of the day, I have decided to write it in the morning about what I wanna do with the coming hours. I have decided to make ‘to do list’ daily and will analyze myself on the basis of that. With this, I’ll be much clear about my goals and targets, I guess and can get better guidance as well whenever I’ll be out of track.

I have no desire of my own to build something through code till now. So, Dr. Rai’s dream is my dream. “You need a strong desire and liking for the work that you wanna do.” Yes, I read this in one of the article by Scott. So, I stole the dream and will work on Robotic Vision only. One thing at a time. I said no to OSM, Librehatti, PHP, wordpress, Big Data, make and all what I was working on. One task at a time. I’m unable to manage myself this time, unable to finish my work, so I’m giving sudo powers to my mentor. I wish now thing will be ok and I’ll be satisfied with my performance.

Now, Day 26- Friday, To-do List

1. Solve the Error you’re facing
2. Image processing in octave
a. Brightness
b. Contrast
c. Histogram
d. Posterization
e. negative
3. Read all mail and blogs
4. Complete your blog and move all drafts to posts after editing

I think enough for Fisrt time. I still afraid from the problem that I’m unable to solve.


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I am the one who discover myself daily through reading, writing, interacting with people and expressing my thoughts to inspire them if I would be able to bring a little change to the society through my work. I write blogs, participate in various social activities and want to be a Professional Speaker. Currently, I am pursuing my post graduation in Computer Applications from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana and I’m very much active in many technical & social communities.

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